Write Poems to Impress Your Friends

by David Alejandro Hernandez

But anyways, I love melons. Like I said,
You change me.

I would hope I’m deserving, notwithstanding
The wearying frailty I’m dragging into the picture.

Oh, and honeydew. Or cantaloupe. Really, I
Can’t pretend to entertain a preference.

That shimmering peach doesn’t mean
A thing. I guess by that I mean it stands

For nothing. If anyone knows what that’s
All about, what that entails,

It’s me, let me tell you. I do have some idea.
Why not, for the hell of it, conjure yourself up

The briefest of cat naps. Here, ’neath a persuasive
Sycamore. Its leaves fringed like canines

On a sharp breeze.

David Alejandro Hernandez lives in St. Louis, where he works in retail. His poetry appears in FenceOversoundTYPO, and The Bare Life Review.